About Our Pharmacy


We are a family owned and operated independent pharmacy servicing the South Florida community. At GoodPill, our passion is your well-being. We believe that by building a relationship with our patients, we can help improve their outcomes. We strive for accurate dispensing of prescriptions and 100% customer satisfaction. While we have access to all the products you are used to at the chains, we offer high quality and effective products. So come in today and let us help you find the best solution to your health problem.

Meet Our Pharmacists

Angel John

Angel is a co-founder and the pharmacist-in-charge of Goodpill Pharmacy. Having worked for the chains for many years, she believes in the vision that a true pharmacy is one that caters to the immediate needs of the community, not a big corporation that adopts a one size fits all ideology. She is a foodie, loves to travel, and spend time with her family. However, her greatest passion is the health and well-being of her patients.

Sujith “Sam” John

Sam is a co-founder and the general manager of Goodpill. His background as an entrepreneur and experience in engineering came in very handy when setting up their own family business from the ground up. His real passion is problem solving and loves meeting new people and exploring other cultures. He is currently excited about the possibilities of the role of custom compounding in a community pharmacy and formulating unique formulas with the help of physicians and his wife, Angel.

Zahraa Alalag

Having graduated from Nova Southeastern in 2018, Zahraa is our part-time pharmacist and also one of our newest team members. Her positive attitude and vibe makes her a perfect fit for our team. She was born in Iraq and also works as a consultant, helping to set up a PharmD degree in an Iraqi University.

Angelica Garcia

Angelica is a registered pharmacy technician and one of our latest staff members. She is from Venezuela and passionate about helping people who are in need. She loves spending time with her two daughters and her husband.

Evelyn Lopez

Native to Honduras, Evelyn is currently one of our main customer service personnel and training to become a compounding technician. Patients love how she always goes above and beyond to meet their needs and her super-sweet demeanor, which puts our patients at ease. She enjoys being around her family and friends, and always up to having a good time.

Samuel Noguera

With his roots in Nicaragua, Samuel has worked with us for the past 2 years. His family was one of our early supporters and continue to be our patients. He was very passionate about taking care of his grandmother when she was alive and applies that same care and passion to our patients. He is currently going to school to be a pharmacy technician and our patients love his calm and gentle attitude, especially the elderly ones.

Robert “Bob” Schwartzman

Being retired with many years of pharmacy experience, Bob plays the role of a per-diem pharmacist. Patients love his quirky sense of humor and pleasant demeanor. He is a Florida native and his passions include working out and learning about new things.